About us

Who are we? 

Established in 2010 The Fish Shop is a Fishmongers based in Bristol and Bath in the South West of England.  We specialise in great Salmon and super fresh dayboat fish. We have chosen some of our top sellers and made them available by mailorder. We believe this is some of the freshest fish you will find anywhere in the UK. We only ever sell what we'd like to eat ourselves.

Why buy from us?

Our fish and seafood is the freshest it can be. We only send fish direct from the port on the day it was landed. Our Salmon comes from trusted suppliers we have used for years. All orders come with free delivery, backed by our no quibble satisfaction guarantee.

Organic, freerange, and carbon neutral

Our Salmon comes from Northern Ireland (Glenarm Organic) and The Faroe islands (Var Freerange). We use a Gloucestershire smokery for all our smoked fish and cured salmon products. They use oak chippings and are a carbon neutral business. Much of their produce is bought by top London restaurants.

Our mixed fish boxes come from Looe fish market, the home of Cornish dayboat fish in the UK. Smaller boats means less disruptive fishing methods and - because they are out fishing for less time - fresher and better fish. Mackerel is always line caught or in shore netted and MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) approved Hake is gill netted.

What makes salmon organic?

Glenarm Irish Salmon fillets are certified Organic by the Organic Food Federation.  That means they are fed a strict diet of local natural and organic fish meal - sourced only fifteen miles from the Salmon farm. Located in the fast moving waters of the Irish Sea and free of chemicals, antibiotics and growth promoters Glenarm Organic Salmon are renowned for their quality, taste and texture. It's so tasty it was served as part of Queen Elizabeth’s 80th birthday celebration dinner. 

What do you mean by 'free range' salmon?

Var salmon (which means spring in Faroese) is farmed far out to sea and without the use of antibiotics. Var salmon has been rated by top chefs as one of the only types of farmed Salmon that can be truly compared in taste, texture and quality to wild salmon. Read more about Var salmon in The Telegraph.


We take sustainability very seriously. In our Bristol shop we are always looking for alternative, less fished species to stock in our shop. Megrim Sole, Flounder, Gurnard, Grey Mullet, Cuttlefish, Octopus and Arctic Charr are all regulars on our counter. We have an ongoing relationship with Bristol based Marine Biologist Steve Simpson

Is delivery really free?

Sure is. We know how annoying it can be to buy something online only to find out the price quoted does not include delivery.  

Why don't you sell fish and seafood in smaller quantities? 

For smaller quantities please visit our Bristol or Bath shop. For national delivery we need a minimum order size so we can keep the price low to you and still offer free delivery. Our fish and seafood is ideal for parties or to share with friends and it can all be frozen for up to three months.


If you order in the early morning we will always try for next day delivery wherever possible. Sometimes though that is not possible and then goods will be despatched at a later date. In which case we will advise by emal. All orders are of course subject to availability. Bad weather can affect the supply of fish so sometimes fish boxes may take a little longer to fulfill. By waiting we can often provide you more and better fish for your money. Unfortunately we can't offer Saturday or Sunday deliveries. Delivery slots are 9am-5pm. If you might not be in just let us know where we can leave the your ice packed box (such as behind a hedge, in a side alley, or with a neighbour) in order comments when you buy your fish. 

Returns and non-delivery

Please contact us as soon as you have any concerns about your parcel. The quicker we know the better. You can call Dan on 07929193205 re delivery issues.